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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Nano Optics

Welcome to Nanooptik AG!


The main topic of our experimental research is light-matter interaction on the nanoscale. We focus on the realization and investigation of quantum optical model-systems with almost ideal parameter control. In this way quantum interaction on the meso-scale can be revealed. On the other hand, our model systems may also be regarded as building blocks for a future integrated quantum technology.

News & Highlights


  • During Sience Week the HU held a panel discussion concerning the state of quantum research, in which Prof. Benson participated. Linked to that there was also a labtour.
    (Both articles are only available in german)
  • Prof. Oliver Benson and Prof. Kurt Busch are part of a research collaboration on photonic nano films lead by the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena.
  • Nano-optics welcomes Dr. Sven Ramelow who as an Emmy-Noether-Fellow will establish and lead a workgroup to explore "Quantum Imaging and Spectroscopy in the Mid-Infrared".
  • Nano-optics welcomes Prof. Igor Aharonovich: The Alexander von Humboldt foundation has granted a research fellowship to Prof. Igor Aharonovitch, Univ. of Techn. Sydney. Within the next three years he will be a guest at the Nano-optics group at the Physics Department and perform research on novel solid-state quantum emitters.
  • Nano-optics welcomes Edwin Danelli Coronel Sánchez: Edwin is an exchange student from the University Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil, and will stay with us until February 2017. The exchange is part of our cooperation „Science without Borders“ financed by CAPES and CNPq.  
  • Our paper A realistic fabrication and design concept for quantum gates based on single emitters integrated in plasmonic-dielectric waveguide structures“ was accepted for publication in Scientific Reports
  • „Ist der Mond auch da wenn keiner hinsieht? Wissen und Information in der Quantenphysik“ - Talk by Prof. Benson on May 27th at Urania.
    (View the slides)
  • New Master program "Optical Sciences" starts in winter 2015/2016
  • Phd-Positions available



Our research is funded by the following institutions and foundations:



Europäische Union


Einstein Foundation


Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft