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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Optical Systems

Martin Wienold, Tasmim Alam, Lutz Schrottke, Holger T Grahn, and Heinz-Wilhelm Hübers (2018)

Doppler-free spectroscopy with a terahertz quantum-cascade laser

Optics Express:6692–6699.

We report on the Doppler-free saturation spectroscopy of a molecular transition at 3.3 THz based on a quantum-cascade laser and an absorption cell in a collinear pump-probe configuration. A Lamb dip with a sub-Doppler linewidth of 170 kHz is observed for a rotational transition of HDO. We found that a certain level of external optical feedback is tolerable as long as the free spectral range of the external cavity is large compared to the width of the absorption line.

molecular spectroscopy, terahertz quantum-cascade laser