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News (last edit 17.01.20)


  • We are announcing a new Master thesis position on the design of a compact high-flux strontium source for an atomic clock onboard a sounding rocket.
  • Marc finished the Berlin Marathon in 3:41h. Well done Marc!
  • Congratulations to Simon Kanthak for winning the first prize awarded by the ZARM-Förderverein for his excellent master thesis! 
  • The paper on the MAIUS I sounding rocket mission, which created the first BEC in space, was accepted for publication in nature.
  • The Kuratorium HU Berlin visited to see our rocket-labs and the scientists behind it.
  • The KOSMOS workshop was a total success with some amazing presentations and people all here in Berlin Adlershof. Thank you to all participants.
  • Great! Oliver Fartmann, BS.c., won a poster prize for his presentation "Compact optical frequency standards and vapor cell clocks in space" at the hot atomic vapor workshop.
  • Our master student Akash Kaparthy has been successful at the "Act in space" conference in Berlin: His team won the first prize for "Quantum technologies on small satellites" and now competes for the national championship. Congratulations!
  • JOKARUS launch in Kiruna successful: First Iodine frequency reference in space demonstrated - Have a look at what our team (Klaus Döringshoff and Franz Gutsch) has been working on: JOKARUS Blog!
  • We are looking forward to the Quantum Technologies in Space workshop in Singapore. If you are around, join us!
  • Registration is now open for our KOSMOS workshop on 12. - 14. September: "From Quantum to KOSMOS - Optical Quantum Technologies for Small Satellites". See the workshop page for more details.
  • Quantum technologies in space at IAC 2018: We will organize a special session - If you are in there, join us for a glimpse on the future!
  • Optical quantum technologies on nanosatellites cont'd: Phase B of the QUEEN mission together with partners TUB and FBH funded! More information can be found here.
  • We will host a workshop on the topic of quantum technologies in space in September 2018, and we are looking for support. Interested? Read our SHK position (pdf, german) 
  • Quantum sensors gaining (s)pace - Editors' pick in Laser Focus World can be found here
  • Profile Partnership with National University of Singapore funded - Let's go CubeSat!
  • Open position for "Quantum technologies for operation on nano satellites (QUEEN)"
  • First Bose-Einstein condensate generated in space!!! The MAIUS 1 experiment was launched on 23 January 2017 at 3:30 CET onboard a sounding rocket from Esrange Space Center near Kiruna in northern Sweden. For more information about the MAIUS 1 mission, see official DLR press release, for additional details on the laser system see HU/FBH press release
  • Our research is highlighted in HUMBOLDT (Volume 4, January 2017). For the current issue, click here
  • The Optical Society selected Dr. Aline Dinkelaker as one of the OSA ambassadors in 2016, and she was featured in the Centennial Booklets, created by the team at Optics & Photonics News. Have a look at the Centennial Booklet Vol.4 - Lighting the future
  • Bastian Leykauf won the poster prize at the "Froniers in Matter Wave Optics" (FOMO 2016) conference - Congratulations! Have a look on his poster here
  • Various Master thesis topics available: Mobile Quantum Sensor for Gravity measurements (pdf, english). For more details, click here
  • KALEXUS sounding rocket experiment succesfully lauched on 23.01.2016.
  • KALEXUS and FOKUS experiments on TEXUS 53 - Forschungsverbund Berlin put out a press release
  • Adlershof Journal was visiting our labs, see news release
  • Verleihung des Adlershofer Dissertationspreises an Dr. Markus Krutzik, der in der Gruppe QOM zum Thema "Matter wave interferometry in microgravity - Towards space-borne cold atomic sensors" promovierte. (offizielle Pressemitteilung der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Interview beim Kulturradio des RBB, Volltext der Promotion)