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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Optical Metrology

GM Tino, F Sorrentino, D Aguilera, B Battelier, A Bertoldi, Q Bodart, K Bongs, P Bouyer, C Braxmaier, L Cacciapuoti, N Gaaloul, N Gürlebeck, M Hauth, S Herrmann, M Krutzik, A Kubelka, A Landragin, A Milke, A Peters, EM Rasel, E Rocco, C Schubert, T Schuldt, K Sengstock, and A Wicht (ed.) (2013)

Precision Gravity Tests with Atom Interferometry in Space

Proceedings of the IV International Conference on Particle and Fundamental Physics in Space.

Atom interferometry provides extremely sensitive and accurate tools for the measurement of inertial forces. Operation of atom interferometers in microgravity is expected to enhance the performance of such sensors. This paper presents two possible implementations of a dual 85Rb-87Rb atom interferometer to perform differential gravity measurements in space, with the primary goal to test the Weak Equivalence Principle. The proposed scheme is in the framework of two projects of the European Space Agency, namely Q-WEP and STE-QUEST. The paper describes the baseline experimental configuration, and discusses the technology readiness, noise and error budget for the two proposed experiments.